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Factsheet What is the DDRF?

Doyen Diagnostic and Research Foundation performs an enormous action to improve health results outcome. In the terms of treating diseases doyen has got highest ranking in eastern India. In spite of giving test results to the patients, Doyen is providing better management to health care. Doyen gives good service to the patients of eastern India as well as West Bengal in last 13 years.

At a glance:

  • As Doyen is working with various governmental projects, so doyen is serving better healthcare towards unprivileged class of people.
  • Serving almost 200 doctors in Kolkata and MSD.
  • It is ISO certified 9001:2008.
  • It is now also NABH certified.
  • Doyen has having strong technical employee base and very strong logistics to maintain better quality and management of patient care.
  • Our newest division (wing) is FUTURE GRID, which will provide test services with high performance diagnostic and prognostic outcome.
  • Our test menu ranges from routine biological tests to complex and specialized molecular and gene-based testing.
  • Provides broad range of solutions for employees.


  • We are recognised by JustDial by 5 years.
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Modern medical laboratory is gifted by science and instrumented by human Tech.

USP of Doyen are quality, accuracy, consistency and reliability. Doyen’s mission is “serve human with care” and its USP is in consonance and sanctity of the mission. Quality, Accuracy, Consistency and Reliability are hard earned. From beginning to end technical knowledge, skill, dedication and service above self are harnessed into the job to achieve excellence. Doyen always takes risk factors if any into account and initiate measures in advance to mitigate the chance ofinjury/damage. Doyen is in relentless quest for advancement in technology and new assay to serve the customer its best. Discipline wise consultant/specialist always look into the result of the tests and ink their authorisation for release. Doyen is spread far and yonder and always endeavours to serve all sections of the society.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision

Doyen`s mission is to ``serve human with care``. Hence we are committed to serve the community by providing value added diagnostic services with the help of latest technology, high degree of accuracy and integrity.

Our Vision is continuous persuasion of Research, Development and Innovation activities to achieve excellence for providing world class diagnostic services to the community at large.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We at Doyen Diagnostic & Research Foundation provide ClinicalInvestigation Service to the society. Doyen’s commitment to Quality is imbedded in its pursuit for excellence in the diagnostic field. Its Quality approach in Systematic and holistic one. Beginning with collection till the end result every stages passes through clinical practices in line with International Quality Standard and vigorous quality check.

Our goal is to provide accurate clinical report that satisfies each Customer’s need. To get our Service uality vetted by Quality Council of India, NABL/NABH, continually without gap as authentication to our commitment to Quality Service.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Doyen is attached with “Agantuk”, which is a well renowned NGO where they are working and supporting them at various social works. Doyen is supporting and performing all those activities with them whole heartedly.

Doyen is also involved in various other social activities like blood testing of “panchakanyavivah” at bandhudal club and “teen kanyavivah” at amaradhikar club.

Doyen is arranging different types of blood testing camps at different places with matriculate standard result for better health care.

Our Board Of Directors

Our Responsibilities

Press releases

This section particularly contains the press releases which is updated till the recent releases as per the health care concern. Doyen diagnostic is not obligated to update the information contained in this section.

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    2nd march 2009 inner Page

    2nd march 2009 , Inauguration of the 24×7 Pathology service of the Doyen Diagnostics and Research Foundation on PMCH campus.

  • 02

    24th August 2010 inner Page

    24th August 2010 in Telegraph:

  • 03

    25th august 2010 inner Page

    25th august 2010, Sanmarg

  • 04

    25th august 2010 inner Page

    25th august 2010 in Hindustan news

  • 05

    25th August 2010 inner Page

    25th August 2010 in Jagaran and Sanmarg

  • 06

    25th August 2010 inner Page

    25th August 2010 in HindustanTimes:

  • 07

    31st August 2011 inner Page

    31st August 2011: Hindustan

  • 08

    31st August 2011 inner Page

    31st August 2011 in Jagaran:

  • 09

    13th December 2011 inner Page

    13th December 2011 in Dainik Jagaran:

  • 10

    7th November 2011 inner Page

    7th November 2011 in neyi baaat (Bhagalpur):

  • 11

    7th November 2011 inner Page

    7th November 2011 in Prabhat Khabar(Bhagalpur):

  • 12

    7th November 2011 inner Page

    7th November 2011 in Hindustan(Bhagalpur):

  • 13

    7th November 2011 inner Page

    7th November 2011 in dainik jagaran(Bhagalpur)

  • 14

    7th November 2011 inner Page

    7th November 2011 in Prabhat Khabar(Bhagalpur)

  • 15

    25th September 2012 inner Page

    25th September 2012, Hindustan:

  • 16

    6th march 2014 inner Page

    6th march 2014 in Hindustan:

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